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Looking for the right angle?

Looking at something from the right angle brings it into focus
Telling your story with the right angle gets attention
Delivering your message to the right people achieves results


You want to expand your business but are not sure if you want to involve management consultants, to help you refine your business strategy, or a marketing company to help you get your message ‘out there’.


You hear that marketing content and automation are key. But you need help to refine your story and tell it to the right people.


With over 30 years of international experience, The Right Angle provides a simple one-stop shop in the fields of B2B marketing and content creation; strategy and value proposition development; and sales enablement to help you achieve your ambitions.

The Right Angle is a one-stop resource helping businesses to grow in and beyond the Netherlands.

It seems that you can find all the information and advice you need on the internet. Do you have the time to look and decide what makes sense for your business? Experience can also make a difference.

What we deliver

We help you to understand what you need
 to ‘get it done’


You want to take your business to the next level but recognise that you may need some help to fill in gaps in your goals and strategies, preferably without using expensive ‘management consultants’. We guide and facilitate your personal journey.


Articles, brochures, advertisements…. We help you refine your message and content, particularly in technical subjects, in the best English to suit your audience.

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We can assist you in how to deal with cultural differences, in using advanced problem solving techniques and even with commercial skills such as how to present and when to ask for the order.


You need to/want to do business abroad but feel at a disadvantage because you need to develop your English to a higher level. We provide tailor-made courses relevant to you.

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Clive Davis

Business Growth Specialist

Clive is a British expatriate who has been living and working in the Netherlands since…


What our clients have to say

The Right Angle supported us when we were tendering for an important contract for art appraisal services. Originally the task was for high quality English correction and editing, however with his quick grasp of our business, commercial background and eye for detail, Clive also provided invaluable advice thus enabling us to create a compelling offer.

Erik Paol BA MRICS

Maatschap Waardewerk

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