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English copywriting and editing

When you need more than a marketing company

Copywriting in English

Are you eager to expand your business to English speaking audiences and want to ensure that your texts are attractive and acceptable to native readers?
Whether it is everyday or technical language in web texts, articles or press releases, we will create perfectly tailored copy to meet your needs.

Editing of English-language texts

You are fluent in English and very happy to write your own English texts but know that one small error could destroy your credibility.
A check by a native English speaker, e.g. for punctuation, grammar, style and consistency, will set your mind at ease.

Translation into English

British, American or International English. Why does it matter which you use?

If your target audience is primarily British or American, the choice is straightforward. However, if your target is international or primarily non-native English speaking then the language may need to be easier to understand. This is the concept of ‘International’ English, which tends to avoid idiom and can be viewed as a simplified form of English.

As copywriters with the experience of writing in all these styles, we can provide compelling translations from Dutch to whichever form of English is appropriate for your audience.

Technical copywriting examples

A complete magazine

An article

A brochure and taglines

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