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Academische Engelse coaching

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You have mastered the language requirements to be admitted to a course in higher education, but need help and guidance from an experienced teacher and examiner of academic English to improve your writing skills to produce a convincing paper or thesis.

Writing academic English

The style and structure of written English appropriate to courses of study and research in academic environments is fundamentally different to everyday language.

Typical points requiring attention

  • Using formal language
  • Expanding academic vocabulary
  • Structuring texts and the use of different models (for example, reports versus essays)
  • Using correct punctuation
  • Avoiding wordiness
  • Revising grammar issues
  • Creating a coherent flow of ideas and the accurate use of language
  • Citing and the correct conventions for using sources

Feedback is always individually provided on student’s texts, but face-to-face or online coaching sessions can be flexibly provided to pairs or small groups if desired.

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